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Day by day the interest of people in subtle matter is growing. Tired of hectic stressful life, lost in the loads of the polluting information and deadwood things that have no real value, exhausted by uncertain goals, wasted mentally and emotionally, in the endeavor to find a shelter, people jump into the ocean of spirituality and … get lost again … in the market full of promises to make them foresee, feel and heal others e.c.t.

Many of neophytes attend channel opening ceremonies, initiations, do the third eye meditations, develop sensors of the body, some of them succeed and some of these some become advanced  practitioners, but majority go back to their previous life with enormous mental emotional and even physical damages.

The reason is simple – lack of understanding and responsibility of the process from both teacher and student sides. Racing for quick results they used to forget that one can’t heal others unless he is not healed himself, he has not passed through step by step transformation, not built his energy grid from the basement.

This particular course is set especially to strengthen you up, to make you able to face the challenges of life and lift to new edges of self-realization.

It helps to improve chakras activity, make harmony with the planets and elements, create a protective shield around your body, generate energy for implementing plans and dreams, boost psychic power. Applicable in daily life, it gives better understanding of purpose life and clearance in thinking.


Content:  It’s a unique and balanced blend of different ancient techniques like meditations, symbols, mantras, mudras, yantras. They came from various branches of the comprehensive universal knowledge, such as yoga and tantra, ayurveda (traditional indian medicine), vastu (science of environment harmonization), jyotish (indian astrology) and others.


The classes are conducted by dedicated teachers with certain specialization.


We have two main modes to conduct this course:

1)Distantly by Skype. Light mode 7 days. 40 min daily (20 min theory/20 min practice). Be ready for homework

You will need some crystals for the course. In case if you don't have or can't find, we may send them to you by post.


2)In-class mode with us in our residences whether it's in India or abroad. Full course with lots of practice and theory, satsangs (interactive talks) and side programms.

Please note: one must follow vegetarian and non-alcohol (or other addiction-free) life style a few days before and during the course

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