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LAMA FERA. The ancient healing from the Himalayas


Lama Fera is a healing system practiced for centuries by buddhist monks in the Himalayas to heal all beings on physical, mental and spiritual plane. This practice might be refered to buddhist tantra, thought it's fair to say the latter does not belong to any certain religion.


Buddha after enlightement was blessed with the powers to heal. During his journey from one place to another, he thus imparted several types of healing practices to his disciples. One of them is Lama Fera. It was preserved within spiritual traditions of the ancient monasteries in the Himalayas and successfully survived till our days.


Nowdays when the social way of life and the informational space have been changed, Lama Fera, as well as some other techniques, has become available for learning and practicing.

The energy of Lama Fera is all positive and divine. It brings soothing and balances all levels.

Unlike many of "channeling" methods of healing, such as Reiki for example, where the healer works as a trasmitter for the vital energy and channel it to the recipient, Lama Fera refers more to the subject of rituals. Here with special actions and tools the healer manipulates the energy facilitating certain vibrations to reveal.

In Lama Fera session there are some mantras and symbols are used as well as some important sacral tools such as EarthSticks, Sketchu Mala, Crystal Wand, a maroon colored robe and a Dorje. Lama Fera is neither Hands on Healing nor Healing by Touch.

This modality brings multiple benefits when being used in combinations with others .

Lama Fera does not have any space-time limitations. The session can be given distantly and be directed to past, present or future. 

Benefits of Lama Fera:

  1. It assists our connection with Higher Self

  2. It increases spiritual and intuitive abilities

  3. Relief from chronic diseases

  4. Improving psychic abilities

  5. Improving relationships

  6. Removal of unwanted habits

  7. Removal of evil spirits

  8. Overcomes fear, anxiety and tensions

  9. Removing past life traumas

  10. Removal of negative energy from a person or space

  11. Deep seated blockages are removed



The process of learning is quite simple. The initiation is conducted by a dedicated Master-Teacher who also explains the essense of this method, symbols and the rules of the healing session as well. 

Teaching is given in three levels. Level 1 and 2 - Lama Fera Healer and Master. For students with certain qualification in Healing Arts 1 and 2 levels can be given together. Level 3 - Master-Teacher.

A set of Lama Fera special tools will be given to a student in the class as well.



All Lama Fera healing sessions and classes of all levels are conducted by Teplova Daria, who is experienced practitioner of different healing modalities and one of the first Lama Fera Master-Teachers in CIS countries. 

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