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      Dear friends, Namaste!

       Welcome to Shanti World healing Center. This is a platform that unites Masters and Practioners in the endeavor to help and guide others to inner and outer wellness and uplifting spiritual edges.

        Shanti is a sanscrit word that means infinite peace and harmony in all levels of being. And we believe one can reach the state of Shanti by following a spiritual path only. Shanti World is a place where a seeker can find a shelter, allys, help, knoledges and motivation to move on.

        We are blessed to live and practice in India. This is a land with incredible spiritual heritage where sacred knowledges of the past are not forgotten and still preserved. It’s a big honour for us to be a part of the ancient lineages of our gurus and teachers.

      Different branches like yoga, ayurveda, jyotish sastra (indian astrology) and others have same basics – conception of chakras, aura, energy layers, karma e.c.t. And all of this branches are to make one comprehend the laws of the universe.

        We believe people come in this world to become a better version of ourself. This is our philosophy so we never stop learning and growing up.

         In the center we combine different techniques to restore and maintain physical, emotional, mental health and to follow the way of true-self-learning consciously and coherently.


          Our main activities are:


         Energy diagnostic and personal consultation where we check the condition of your subtle body, find roots of disorders if there are any and find the remedies to fix them


     Therapies and Healings – when our healers use their abilities, knowledges and expirience to help you


         Guided Meditaitons

  •   Chakras work

  •   Women Empowerment praсtices

  •   Singing Yoga. Mantra chanting. 


         Classes when we teach you how to heal yourself and others

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